About Us?

FreeSearch Eco-Chic Boutique was created in 2016 once our founder decided to embark on her own journey of self-healing through means of natural herbs, traditional Chinese and Ayuverdic practices and just living an overall better quality of life. By making the conscious decision to live life more intentionally she began to see major changes in wellness of both mind and body.


Although she was no stranger to the naturopathic lifestyle she began to fully embrace it, conduct tons of research and she started to notice the freedom that came with understanding how the body innately heals itself under the right conditions. She became a strong advocate for living a balanced and holistic lifestyle, and Freesearch was born to assist anyone on their own personal journey of self-healing, self-care, self-love and self-preservation.

We offer a range of products from all natural beautycare to bodycare with the intention to enhance the quality of life of anyone looking for an alternative to the toxic products on the market today.

We love connecting with our Freesearchers in every way possible so in an effort to do that we are popping up at various venues on the Southern East Coast to bring the wellness to you! Check out the Events page to find out where will be next! P.S. Our products are featured at the Artisan Collective in Durham, NC. Check us out sometime!

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