About Us

FreeSearch is not your typical boutique. The idea manifested in 2016 when the owner felt compelled to purge her closet of excess clothing. Instead of simply discarding them she began to research ways to recycle and re-purpose her clothing.


She began to sell pieces online,  and even started to help friends and family find free and affordable clothing for nearly every occasion. Nonetheless, this kind gesture sparked an idea, and as the demand for help grew, so did her passion for creating homemade herbal cosmetics that really work! 


Fast forward to present day; FreeSearch has evolved into not just a clothing boutique, but a trusted source for natural health and beauty products. We are a growing, donation driven business that empowers women to give back, reduce waste, and sprinkle some self-care in there, in the process.


We even take it one step further by giving those who donate pre-loved items an opportunity to name the clothing line after themselves, which in turn gives them an additional sense of pride.


So, how did the name FreeSearch come about? It's a play on our fresh take for combining affordable fashion and the research that goes into building an eco-conscious brand. 


Our motto; Live Free. Shop Smart. Repeat.


"The hemp oil is everything" The Tea is delicious." I need more of that tea, are you selling bigger jars?"

Paradise T

"I got my self-care box and was very pleased! Especially love the fruit blend tea (didn't even have to use honey) the foot and body scrubs and the soothing calendula salve, plus the moisturizing lotion..so nice!"

Adilah S.

"I love  my products!lI especially love the facial scrubs and the toners, so refreshing!"

                          Malaika A.W.

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